EG Soft Consulting has been established in Mar 1996.
    Since then, it has contributed, as a solution provider,
    not only the software but also the high-level technical supports
    to the engineering customers in structural, architectural and
    geotechnical engineering
    Thanks to encouragement and continuing help from the customers,
    EG Soft Consulting has more than 500 individual and company customers.

    Before about 1990, the numerical modeling had been concentrated
    on the two-dimensional problems that was complex enough to model
    most of the features of plane problems.
    However, since 1990, the customers wanted to solve the three-dimensional problems
    for simple-to-medium 3D model, and EG Soft Consulting fulfilled the needs!

    Now, the customers need more complicated 3D models, nonlinear behaviors,
    and intensive support for various design codes worldwide.
    Moreover, we support new design philosophy of limit state recently required
    in practices, such as Euro code, AASHTO LRFD, and reliability analsysis.
    EG Soft Consulting is now serving the user environment and requirements
    with our products and our services.

    With our experiences and service spirits in the numerical analysis and consulting,
    you can share our skills and inspiration to model the complicated projects.
    We hope you to feel the most comfortable and most reliable
    solutions and technical services to fulfill your needs from us.

    Very truly yours    

Gwang-Wook Byun    
EG Soft Consulting    

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